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welcome to use the world's most cutting-edge mobile satellite positioning system, the latest version 20111012v2.3 version, the system uses around the Earth communications satellite positioning GPS phone location accuracy rate of 95% or more. In order to test system stability and precision , Test versions of all the free and open to anyone who visits the customer site.

valuable comments and suggestions are welcome, because the test version of technology is not mature enough, please forgive me if there is wrong also!

the beta version of the server bandwidth resources are limited, if the site error, please also change the network off-peak periods during the try!

You can also book directly to our enhanced version of v2.5 version of the commercial, commercial enhanced version of an independent database and server bandwidth, stability and accuracy are more than 5 times the beta!

v2.5 enhanced version of upcoming commercial is ready! Stay tuned!

Email: eheart@live.com

LosAngeles, California



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